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Prepare to Stay Actions Checklist

Defending your home can be physically and mentally demanding. It is important that everyone knows exactly what to do if a fire happens.


Well before the fire has arrived


  • Turn off gas mains and/or bottle
  • Move flammable items away from the house
  • Block drainpipes with socks full of sand and fill gutters with water
    • Don’t get on the roof to hose it down
  • Move animals to a well-grazed or ploughed area away from the house and wind
  • Patrol the house well before the fire arrives to put out embers and spot fires
  • As the fire approaches, wet the side of the house and garden that faces the fire
  • Move your firefighting equipment to a place where it won’t burn inside


  • Close doors, windows and vents
  • Fill baths, sinks, buckets and bins with water
  • Confine pets to one room
  • Place ladder next to roof access hole so you can check for spot fires
  • Soak towels and rugs and lay them across external doorways
  • Move furniture away from windows


As the fire is upon you

  • If flames are on top of you or the heat become unbearable move inside until the fire front has passed (usually 5-10 minutes)
  • Patrol the inside of the house, including roof space, looking for sparks and embers
  • Shelter in a room on the opposite side of the house from the approaching fire and ensure you have clear access to an exit


Immediately after the fire has passed

  • Check the house both inside and out for fires, including roof cavity, under the house, deck, stairs, windowsills etc.
  • If possible, and safe to do so, check all your neighbours are ok
  • Contact relatives or friends to tell them you are safe
  • Patrol your home for several hours, looking for small fires and burning embers
It is not safe to stay with your property under some circumstances, like:
  • If the fire danger rating is Catastrophic
  • There is an Extreme fire danger rating and your home is not specially designed or constructed for bush fires
  • Your property is not well maintained
  • You or the people in your home are not mentally and physically fit and ready

Under these circumstances, you should leave early