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Equipment Checklist

Defending your home from a bush fire can be challenging and you will need the right equipment.

Check off all the equipment you have and what you will need before a bush fire emergency.

Firefighting Equipment

  • A hose/s (should reach around entire property)
  • Water supply of at least 10,000L (example water tank, dam, pool)
  • Petrol/diesel water pump and fuel (stored in a safe, accessible place)
  • Ladders (to access inside the roof)
  • Buckets and mops
  • Shovels and metal rakes

Protective Clothing

  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Eye protection (goggles)
  • Moistened facemask or cloth
  • Gloves
  • Loose, long sleeved cotton shirt
  • Long cotton pants/jeans
  • Sturdy leather shoes or boots
If you have not ticked off all of the items above you are not prepared to safely defend your property.